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Five Star Reviews of Birth Ambassadors on Amazon!

22 Jun

The Amazon reviews are unanimous! 

smooth-starBirth Ambassadors is a “must-read,” “amazing,” and a “great study” that provides a “refreshingly candid and accurate look at the complexities of both doula-ing and doula-training.”

Get your copy now and join the doula trainers below who value this sociological perspective on labor support in the U.S.

Something new! By jana wernor on February 26, 2014
I was actually in the middle of teaching a Supported Birth Doula Training when I saw
this book had arrived. It is fantastic! No “re-inventing the wheel” book about doulas,
but a refreshingly candid and accurate look at the complexities of both doula-ing and
doula-training. The inherent inconsistencies we must face and deal with when learning
about a model of birth and then going out to support most women who are NOT having
that model of birth, and why it is so important to acknowledge this, not judge the clients,
and live in the dilemma. I immediately started reading passages out loud to my trainees
before I could even read the entire book. Also, the truth and dilemmas about the fact
that it is a “profession” without any license, real doula stories such as “doula doubt,”
and what doulas DO NOT/should not do. I sent out an email to the 80 doulas I have
trained over the years and told them it’s a must read!
Birth Ambassadors is essential reading to understand, prepare to be or find a doula.
We are beginning a transition in maternity care around the world, as women take back
their power in childbirth. Doulas gently support and help women and their partners to
advocate for themselves and their baby. Doulas are the missing link in our broken
maternity care system and Birth Ambassadors provides the knowledge, personal
stories and insights to inspire the change that will bring balance and nurturing to this
special time in a woman’s life! As a doula and doula trainer for 30 years, Birth
Ambassadors made me cry, smile and cheer! Birth Ambassadors helps us to
understand and reclaim the role of female companionship, caring and touch in
maternity care.
Birth Ambassadors tells the the “other” side of the maternal health story in America.
For the last 30 years the maternal health care system in American has become a model
that relies on technology and largely disempowers women at it’s best, while poorly
serving them at it’s worst. Thankfully, along the way, a small army has been evolving to
provide an alternative to this discouraging trend – enter birth doulas. Christine Morton
has written an amazing book that gives us a picture of maternal health in the last 30
years through the eyes of a group of women who have stood up and stated ‘there is
another way to bring humans in to our world and I’m going to support birthing-women
in this endeavor.’ These women acknowledge that birth can be a powerful rite of
passage in a woman’s life with much to be gained if a birthing woman is truly supported
on her path. BIRTH AMBASSADORS is a must read for any doula, childbirth educator,
midwife, or birth scholar.
This book seems to be the first study about doulas, and what a recognition we get!
The authors wrote an amazing document which covers the origins of the profession in
light of the historical changes in maternity care in the States, the role definition, the
training and practice of the doulas , as well as the challenges and difficulties of this
profession. As a practicing doula for fifteen years, I was moved by the recognition and
the deep understanding of the importance of doulas as birth caregivers in the modern
world. Thank you Christine Morton !

Online Birth Story Workshop with chance to win a free book!

17 Jun

Telling Birth Stories: An Online Writing Workshop with award-winning author & journalist Elayne Clift

How do you write a good birth story? What makes any story compelling? How can we tell our own birth stories, as remembrance and as a gift to other women?

In Birth Ambassadors: Doulas and the Re-emergence of Woman-supported Birth in America (Praeclarus Press, 2014), Christine Morton and Elayne Clift include stories by women for whom a doula was present at their birth. These beautifully crafted first-persons narratives give voice to the extraordinary experience of giving birth. Join the growing chorus of women whose voices, and birth stories, are being heard!

BA Writing Workshop NYC2This 4-week online workshop guides participants – moms, dads, midwives, nurses, doulas, docs – through the elements of good storytelling as they relate their personal experience while giving or assisting birth. Weekly prompts will serve as a guide to setting the scene, involving characters, using dialogue, making wise word choices, and more. Work will be shared each week among participants who will respond to each other. Elayne will offer in-depth feedback and suggestions for each piece and facilitate dialogue among participants.

If you’re interested in painting a word portrait that carries your audience with you as you tell your birth tale, please register by July 15. Register by July 4 for one of two chances to receive a signed first edition of Birth Ambassadors! Space is limited to 8 participants!

WHEN:           The first online workshop will begin August 1 and conclude Aug. 25.

COST:          $95/pp

REGISTER by EMAILING:            802-869-2686

* * * *

Elayne Clift (M.A.), a specialist in gender issues and women’s health, has been an international educator and advocate on maternal and child health issues for more than 25 years. She is Sr. correspondent for the India-based syndicate Women’s Feature Service, a columnist for the Keene (NH) Sentinel and the Brattleboro Commons, and a reviewer for the New York Journal of Books. Her articles, prose and poetry appear in numerous anthologies and publications internationally and her novel, Hester’s Daughters, a contemporary, feminist re-telling of The Scarlet Letter, was published in 2012. She lives in Saxtons River, Vt.


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